Thoth Tarot

Problems reading the Thoth Tarot? Don’t despair! I will be writing my thoughts about the Thoth, over a period of time. 

First of all, let me do away with the myth that the Thoth Tarot is difficult or near impossible to read, unless you have deep knowledge of the Qabalah and Astrology. If you can read the tarot you can read Thoth. First and foremost it is about not having fear. Millions of words have been written about this deck, and I have always suspected that a  great many of them are there to put you off. There seems to be a snobbish attitude towards this deck. I don’t know why this should be; after all you can go as far or as little as you want to. If your intention is to study rather than read for yourself or others, then yes, you can go very deep. But if your quest is to read for yourself or clients, then a little learning will go a long way.

For years I read the Rider Waite deck, or clones of it. And then I discovered the Thoth Tarot. What a revelation. No more limited spreads where each card has only one positional meaning. At last! And this is something I was already doing but didn’t really know why; linear spreads, tell a story, discover the nuances of that story in an interesting and deep meaningful way.

I don’t intend to list all the meanings; you can get those elsewhere. But I will be writing about certain aspects of some of the cards. Also the way to read the spreads, using elemental dignities and linear spreads.


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  1. Very interested to hear more about this type of deck! 🙂

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