Holiday and beyond

Monday 23rd of September; I am back from my holiday. In truth, I have been back since last Wednesday as the weather was terrible. Gales, rain and misfortune all added up to returning home early. However, looking on the positive side I did catch some nice fish-carp mainly-and this was the idea of the holiday. I doubt I will be going fishing again this year, so I can now concentrate on other loves in my life. My home, my family, the tarot, my monthly seance starting shortly, and the occasional rant about politics. 

The political fabric of this small island has long been a passion of mine. I ask myself and others, why do we, a small country in a large world, place so much importance on posturing abroad, but forget the problems we have in our own country. Poverty; and it is growing, racial tensions, also growing, and providing well paid jobs for people, coupled with cheaper housing for the majority. We seem to be years behind other countries in many things, and yet, politicians still insist on talking rather than doing. We need a people friendly government in this country and less mass immigration. In other words a fairer society, where each member would be important in their own right. End of Rant.

Bless you all.


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