Daily Triad

Today, at random, I have the following cards from the Thoth Deck.

4 of Cups (Luxury)  2 of Wands (Dominion)  10 of Disks (Wealth)   The triad reads like this.

The central card is always the most important, and on this case it is weakened by the flanking cards of water and earth.

So the question is. Do you have Dominion? Do you have that boldness and courage to move forward? Or does your own ego get in the way? With these three cards, it looks at first sight that you have everything you need. But elemental dignities have shown beyond doubt that you are weakened, and perhaps you have less control than you imagine. Also, there is no Air card present to give you fresh ideas or puzzle around the situation. For the moment you are stuck. But you do need fresh ideas quickly or you are in danger of losing what you already have.

Blessings all.



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