Opening of the Key Spread

Today I want to replace the Daily Triad with some instruction on how to open the key spread, and why it has more depth than a positional spread. The linear spread is a far better option and will tell the story better. The ootk spread, will enable you-and your client-to gain a bigger picture of the question asked. In a positional spread you are restricted by the position the card falls in; so whichever position one of the 78 cards falls in, you are almost duty bound to interpret it thus. The linear spread will give you more subtlety and enable you to look deeper into the question.


Let us start at the beginning and go through the sequence of setting up the ootk spread.


1 Ask your client to shuffle the cards while thinking of their question and then place them back before you.

2 Ask your client to cut the cards roughly in half and place them to your left, leaving a space-point to where you want them.

3 Now ask your client to cut the first pile again and put in the space they left.

4 Finally ask your client to cut the third pile into the remaining space.


You will now have four piles. They are as follows from your right.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth. Or Past, Worries, desires, Outcome/Answer.







From these four piles you will often be able to deduce the nub of the question. Most people don’t cut the cards into even piles, and this is often an indication of where the question lies in their general life. All of this can go on in your head before you turn the cards over. It might be, the worry pile is the largest, followed by the outcome pile. This would show that they are worried by the outcome of the question. So a good place to start the reading might be in the worry pile, followed by the outcome. After this you could look at the past in order to see if anything there has brought this about: and then the desires pile to see what it is your client wants in life.


The next stage is to turn all the piles over. Now you can glean even more information by reading the four cards. It is also a good idea to look at the second card down in each pile, as this will help to qualify what you have seen in the top cards.


Next time…Reading the string.


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