Daily Triad

Today I have drawn three random cards, they are:


The Fool, Air 7 of Disks failure, Earth 2 of Wands dominion Fire.

The central card 7 of Disks is the important one, the flanking cards are the modifiers.


The analysis is as follows. Air and earth weaken each other.

Fire and Air strengthen each other.

Fire is also friendly with Earth.

This might seem a bit complicated at first, but in reality it comes down to the relative strengths of each card in the triad.


The central card Earth is weakened by Air, while being slightly supported-on a slow burn-by Fire. However, Fire and Air combined overwhelm this card.


My reading of these three cards is as follows.


This feeling of failure is due to past experiences, at a time when you were not fully prepared. In your mind you are worried about another failure with a new project you are about to embark on. This time you need to look at the basics…Water…which is missing and would indicate there is an emotional side you are not taking care of. Look at the past by all means, to see where you went wrong; but don’t dwell on. Make sure your emotions are in the right place, and that this new project is not just an illusion. If you are certain about everything, the fear of failure should fade away and enhanced confidence will take over.  


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