My Daily Triads…Taken from my notes.

Saturday 28th of September.


The Magus        Air

The Devil           Earth

Queen of Cups  Water


The central card is very weak here. Whatever is going on in your mind: be it temptation, confusion or a feeling of being trapped, It is only in your mind. There are no positive groundings for these thoughts. And with the lack of Fire, nothing will happen. Look to move away from this dreamy, unreal state and concentrate on the realities of the situation, and face it.


Sunday 29th of September.


Queen of Disks    Earth

Ace of Swords    Air

The Tower          Fire


Earth and Air weaken each other, but the Fire card (The Tower) strengthens the central card (Ace of Swords). Whatever the problem, it will be resolved within a year. There is some support from Fire for Earth but this is minimal. Any confusion now, will become clear in the future. The interesting thing here is: the Queen of Disks is looking away from the confusion of the Tower, and the outcome of the Ace of Swords. Also there is no emotion here(Water). This would indicate to me, that the Queen is in a very weak position at the moment and will have little influence over the outcome.

       What an interesting Triad. It does make me wonder how this would work out in a full reading? Has the Queen been sidelined? Is this a family feud? What is it the Queen can’t face? How tempting to go on with this..But I won’t. You might!

Blessings All




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