Reading the String Thoth Tarot.

Short re-cap.


Your client has cut the deck into four piles.

You have looked to see if any pile stands out and is larger than the rest (as this might be a clue to the question).

You have turned over each pile and are looking at the top cards and the one below, to see if you can begin your story and answer the question posed.


Reading the string.


Now spread out the string you are interested in-do this from left to right. Now, there are 78 cards in the tarot; divided by 4 this equates to about 19 or so cards per string if the deck was cut equally, which in most cases it won’t be. So you either need a very long table, or you have to know your deck so well that you can overlap each card. Either way is fine, although I prefer to overlap them and squash them into a rather small space. Now I know I’m going on a bit; but it is important for you, the reader, to be comfortable with how you read the cards. I like my cards in front of me, not spread out miles down a table I can hardly see the end of. But whichever, your first string is spread out.


First of all count the number of cards in the chosen string.

Then count the number of elements present. Is there more of one element than another? If so, how will it affect the reading? Are there an opposing number of cards of one element that are in direct opposition with the string element you are reading? For example, you might have a large number of water cards (Cups) in a Fire string. This could indicate a huge emotional force is opposing the drive and potential of fire. How many Aces in the string? How many Court Cards? How many Major Arcana cards? I know! You are worried about how much time the above will take, while your client is fidgeting in silence. With much practice it only takes a short time to look at and sort out the numbers in your head. But, why not include your client as you go through the preliminary preamble? I always include my client and give them simple explanations as I go along.


Part Two Soon

Blessings All.



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