Daily Triad

Daily Triad 1st of October.

10 of  Swords (Ruin)   Air

7 of Cups (Debauch)   Water

Knight of Wands         Fire

The water card, which is central to the reading, is weakened here. Although Fire and Water are enemies; the bridge formed by the Air card keeps Fire and air strong.

There is a story to tell here, with the debauch card and the 10 of Swords. There might be a financial problem, due to too much spending. Or perhaps a relationship problem is on the horizon with the Knight of Wands. All of this seems a bit weak at the moment and I would want to look at more triads in the string to confirm.

      However, if I was pressed to just read the triad on its own, I would say this.

We know that the Knight of Wands is an impetuous character and is rather unpredictable. Also he is full of pride, acts on impulse and rarely has a back-up plan. Could he be the instigator of problems concerning over-spending or an affair of the heart. It follows that the Knight (Fire) is weakened by the 7 (water), but not the 10 (Air) which is friendly with water.

But, as previously said, Fire and Air support each other and leave Water in a weak state. The 7 of Cups (Water) represents over-indulging, overspending and in general doing things to excess. Or, as the 7 can mean deceit in certain circumstances, there could be something going on in the background. Love or money/finances would qualify here, because of the 10.

       But whatever it is, it will be short lived, as Fire and Air will soon burn out without the basis of Earth.

Blessings All.


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