Another Street Poem

Sleeping In the City

 Michael Arnold


Red/blue zeroing in;



Enveloping me like

A shroud on a corpse.


The ceiling cracks,

Ice – eyes wink at me.

Am I awake?

I don’t know.


They’re coming again

Like millions of cilia

Disguised as

Globules of sweat.

On my head

On my face

Everywhere, everywhere.


It’s too late!

A blue – veined moon

Laughs its last laugh

Before turning

Watery, fading into

A stage – set background

Of cobalt.


Now I’m awake.

6.30 am

The monsters re – wind

Towards the sun.

I still have the red/blue,

An old blanket.

The soul savers must have

Visited in the night,

Covering me up,

Keeping me warm.


I must return the red/blue.

I must stop drinking.

I must stop sleeping rough.

I need a place.

A home.






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