Daily Triad…..Interesting.

7 of Swords     futility…air

Hanged Man                water

5 of Wands      strife…  fire


The central card of this triad The Hanged Man…Water, is weakened by the

7 of Swords…Air, and 5 of Wands…Fire forming a friendly bridge.

The element that is missing is Earth.


Something is going on in your mind that you can’t work out. Just hanging around doing nothing, or feeling sorry for yourself will not solve the problem.

You do have choices, as the 7 indicates, but you do need to get over the mix-up in your mind. A good firm foundation (Earth) and one clear thought would put you on the right road again.

The 7 of Swords came up yesterday. The interesting thing is that both spreads are about choices and moving on.

Blessings All.


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