Daily Triad.

The Lovers                     Air

5 of Disks. Worry.         Earth

10 of Swords. Ruin.       Air


Earth is weakened here. The two Air cards (air being an enemy of earth) overwhelm the 5 of Disks. So whatever it is you are worrying about, won’t happen. We can see the problem by bringing into play the flanking cards. The Lovers and the 10 of swords. Although these two cards are weakened a little, together they are fairly strong. We have to ask ourselves this; is the client being sucked into a relationship they don’t want? This can be a relationship of the heart or a financial pact with someone (both are illustrated on the 10) as well as The Lovers. The good news is, there is little or no emotion in this triad (a lack of cups, water) Also, there are no Fire cards to ignite the situation in a positive way. It seems to me, the thoughts behind the worry are nebulous and self-inflicted. Perhaps dear client, you are worrying about something that in real life isn’t there.


I do remember once reading for a lady in her 30s who asked me if she would ever get together with a particular man. Try as I might I could not find this man, or any sign she would ever be with him. My client was a bit reticent to talk. But in the end and out of shear frustration I asked her how many dates she had been on with this guy. “Oh, none Mike” she said. “I see him from the bus on my way to work he’s just walking along, and often wonder what could be?”

They never cease to amaze me.


Blessings All. 


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