How do we use the tarot?

How do we use the tarot?


Is there a right way or a wrong way to use the tarot?


I believe there is only one true way to use the tarot. It starts with a question, moves on to a story. And when the twists and turns of the story have been researched, and answered. We might, as readers be able to give an answer.

Yes/No questions are a definite no,no for me. They imply there is something so magical about the tarot it will give a definitive answer in seconds. Of course not. Admittedly the tarot has divination built into it. But it also has hundreds, if not thousands of nuances built in. It is up to us, the readers to investigate these nuances during the course of our story. Take a look at this example.

    A young girl came to me for a reading. Her question was. “will my boyfriend come back to me, I mean he’s just being an idiot?”

Now what I could have done is thrown a two or three card reading at her and given the answer. Whether it would have been the right answer is anyone’s guess. What I wanted to do is probe a bit deeper into the problem of this couple parting. So I did my usual spread-and I will shorten this-and low and behold it turned out that my client had cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend. “No he won’t come back.” “He not only lost you, he also lost a best mate.”

One week later I was on the internet; looking at some free sites. There was my client of a week ago, asking the same question. I was shocked at some of the answers. “No, not until he grows up a bit.” “You poor thing.” “I mean, do you really want him back, he seems immature.” “Yes of course he will be back when he realises what he has thrown away.” And more, and more, and more. These people were not readers; they were poor fortune tellers.

     The Tarot is not a Fortune Telling vehicle. It is a story teller, it is counselling. It is informing clients of possible pitfalls if they stay on the path they are on. It advises them of changes they can make. And yes, it can answer questions, but it needs more investigation than a straight yes/no.


Blessings All.


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