Freedom of the press.

Here in the UK, we are dangerously close to losing our free press. Something we have had for over three hundred years. In light of the Milly Dowler scandal, phone hacking, and now the piece about Ed Milliband’s father. And of course the Levison enquiry. The politicians are keen to poke their noses into press freedoms. All the bad practice the press have displayed over time is probably covered by current laws. We do not need government poking ‘its nanny state nose’ into more of our freedoms.

     A charter, Royal or not, written by politicians and controlled by politicians is a dangerous precedent. All of us have to ask the question. Is this payback time from politicians of all parties? Not because of the Milly Dowler fiasco or even David Milliband’s father. But more to do with the press exposing the politicians fiddling their expenses, at the tax payer’s expense.

     Politicians from all parties are telling us and the press, that in order to change a Royal Charter it would need a two thirds majority in both houses. No need to worry then, it would never happen. Or could it? Who is to say in the future, we might get a far right or far left megalomaniac government in power. What then? Another hundred or so years fighting for press freedom.

     Today, we are still balancing on the tightrope of democracy and freedom. Press restrictions might just tip us off the wrong side.



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