The Fool

The Fool

Looking at The Fool card in the Thoth tarot we are overwhelmed with symbols. This card contains everything we need to know about the next twenty one cards of the Major Arcana. The Fool is directly descended from The Universe card, and is a perception of ‘what might be.’
The following ideas about The Fool card are based on my studies, readings, and my, perhaps, nebulous ideas concerning this card.

The first question is; is the Fool male or female? I believe the Fool is hermaphrodite. Therefore I will refer to it as a sh/he.
Looking at the card with merely a glance, it is quite obvious the Fool has not landed yet. Sh/he is coming towards us, looking for a safe place to land.
Where has the Fool come from? I suggest The Universe. And if we, just for a moment would believe in a holographic universe; this would make perfect sense. The Universe is always there (as it is in our deck) and we are seeing a projection of it, looking backwards.
Preceding the Fool was potentiality, or the potential for something to happen. The Fool is zero. Sh/he is not potential: this was a state before the Fool. The Fool is probability, and comes armed with all the symbology to make a probability (for good or evil) happen at some point in time. I believe that, ‘at some point in time’ is important to us in a reading. Don’t be too hasty in interpreting the Fool. Yes, look at the cards close by in your chosen spread. But also be open to other possibilities further along. This is especially important when reading a linear spread. The answer to the Fool might be in the string you are reading, or, as your story develops, in other strings not yet read.

The Fool is a fascinating card, and a card that throws up many questions. As do all the cards in the Thoth Tarot. From my own experience I would say, don’t be too hasty, let the Fool land and then see what happens.


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October 15, 2013 · 11:05 am

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