The Art Card

The Art Card

Several years ago I wrote a short poem about Hiroshima and the atomic bomb. Today as I was studying the Art card, the basic meaning reminded me of the poem….Here it is.

Michael Arnold

An atomic bomb dropped.
A man standing by a wall
Metamorphosed into a shadow.
His whole being becoming
At one with the wall.
Blood, bones, tissue.
Genes from centuries past.
Here, he will wait for aeons
To be released from the wall
Of shadows and walk his land
Once more.

A type of metamorphosis is going on in the Art card. It is about making something new out of two opposites. It’s a bit like the political problems the USA is experiencing. Two sides are trying to forge an agreement from different viewpoints. In the background of this card there are a number of, what is generally thought to be, cobwebs. Crowley doesn’t mention this in The Book of Thoth. However, it is touched upon in Liber 777. Looking more closely at the card I see two Quasars; one in each corner. This would fit in very well with the meaning of this card. But of course that can’t be so, as Quasars were not discovered at the time the cards were painted. Unless, Lady Harris knew something we didn’t.

The other interesting thing about the Art card is the Latin writing around the disk.
‘Visita interior terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem.’ This can be traced back to Christian Rosenkreuz, who was the legendary founder of the Order of the Rose Cross…Seen on the backs of the Thoth tarot.
Translated the phrase means, ‘visit the innermost of the Earth and by rectifying thou shalt find the hidden stone. The philosophers stone no less. Wow! But hang on a minute. We are perhaps going too deep, and what we really want to see is how this card, Art, translates in a reading.

I like the basic meaning of this card; because no matter where it turns up in a spread it is significant to the final outcome. For example, say the Art card turns up in a business spread. It could mean the melding of two ideas. The client’s business plan for expansion, with the cautious bank managers idea of cash flow. Or the question might be about love, and how two people of differing personalities are going to become one. In both cases other cards will guide the reading to a conclusion.


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October 16, 2013 · 5:05 pm

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