Reading for the Silent Minority


Have you ever had a client who refuses to speak?

They turn up without a question. “Oh, just a general reading please,” which is usually a lie. And then they sit there ‘poker faced’ until the end. Most disconcerting.


I had a case like this a few years ago, which turned out to be most unfortunate. As I got it wrong and told her the opposite of what she wanted to hear. I must admit I was less experienced then; but it did make me question myself, and for a time put me off reading. Of course I did recover, but instead of dismissing the client as a one off. I formulated some ideas to get over this particular problem. This is how I react now to the silent minority.


First off all, and let’s be honest about this, not everyone arrives with a question. A few clients do genuinely require a general reading, which is fine.

But there are some people out there who can be the bane of our lives if we let them.

You know the ones. They sit opposite you with a smug expression on their faces, almost daring you to get anything correct.

So what can we do?

The number one tip I can pass on is this. Always include your client, whether they like it or not. I show them certain cards. I ask them if they can relate to certain cards. I explain what I am doing, how I am reading the spread, and sometimes point out the symbols and what they mean. Try to include your client at every stage of the reading, even if they are a bit reticent.


Sometimes I use a bit of psychology, if I have  a married lady in front of me. I might see a ‘strong willed Queen or Princess’ staring out at me. So I say to my client, something like “I can see you’re not a lady to be messed with.” This usually brings a smile. I quickly follow with, “and your husband thinks he is the boss.” This normally brings a great deal of laughter….And relaxation on the part of the client. Be careful of course; if you are reading for a young lady, she might still be in the ‘loved up stage of her marriage.’ Don’t get too cute or you might slip up. I would only ever use the above with people I know something about.


If nothing works…Tell them…Be honest with your client and say there is no charge, as you feel it is a waste of time. Don’t be afraid to tell them you are not a fortune teller. My stock phrase is, “why would you want to pay me money, to tell you things you already know?” In my case, they haven’t listened; as I always inform them before the reading, what it is I do, and not do. And the way I will go about it.


Don’t be put off by the ‘silent minority,’ use all your skills to get them to talk. I’m sure some of you have other brilliant ways of getting over this problem. Please do share.



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