How do we use the tarot?

How do we use the tarot?


Is there a right way or a wrong way to use the tarot?


I believe there is only one true way to use the tarot. It starts with a question, moves on to a story. And when the twists and turns of the story have been researched, and answered. We might, as readers be able to give an answer.

Yes/No questions are a definite no,no for me. They imply there is something so magical about the tarot it will give a definitive answer in seconds. Of course not. Admittedly the tarot has divination built into it. But it also has hundreds, if not thousands of nuances built in. It is up to us, the readers to investigate these nuances during the course of our story. Take a look at this example.

    A young girl came to me for a reading. Her question was. “will my boyfriend come back to me, I mean he’s just being an idiot?”

Now what I could have done is thrown a two or three card reading at her and given the answer. Whether it would have been the right answer is anyone’s guess. What I wanted to do is probe a bit deeper into the problem of this couple parting. So I did my usual spread-and I will shorten this-and low and behold it turned out that my client had cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend. “No he won’t come back.” “He not only lost you, he also lost a best mate.”

One week later I was on the internet; looking at some free sites. There was my client of a week ago, asking the same question. I was shocked at some of the answers. “No, not until he grows up a bit.” “You poor thing.” “I mean, do you really want him back, he seems immature.” “Yes of course he will be back when he realises what he has thrown away.” And more, and more, and more. These people were not readers; they were poor fortune tellers.

     The Tarot is not a Fortune Telling vehicle. It is a story teller, it is counselling. It is informing clients of possible pitfalls if they stay on the path they are on. It advises them of changes they can make. And yes, it can answer questions, but it needs more investigation than a straight yes/no.


Blessings All.


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7 of Swords

Today, I have decided not to do a triad analysis, but concentrate on the enigma that is the 7 of Swords.

Lon Duquette in his book Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot. Says, “For me, the Seven of Swords is often difficult to interpret in a tarot reading.” Crowley states, “It is like a rheumatic boxer trying to “come back” after being out of the ring for years.” The element of the 7 of Swords is Air, and like all Air cards it denotes thought. You will find a plethora of meanings for this card, on the internet. But if we come back to basics and  remember the card shows the Moon in Aquarius=Futility, we are somewhere near the truth.
This is an argument of the mind. Shall I shan’t I? What is the use? Why am I bothering? I can’t make up my mind. In which case there is definitely more than one idea here. My belief is, the central sword is the main idea and the route a person wants to go. The other swords are personal negative thoughts butting in. Or, they are other peoples thoughts on the same subject; trying to give you advice. Other cards around will show you which one. Also, look to see how this card  is dignified with the elements around it, and in the background. The 7 of Swords is a card that says “make up your mind.” You are confusing yourself and it is futile.  The confusion is shown in the background with the pin wheels/wings that Lady Harris has painted. They seem to be spinning in all different directions=confusion.
Often in a reading, the 7 of Swords will come up when least expected. In those cases ask yourself or your client the question; what is it that is worrying you? If the answer is nothing, then look to the future to see if there is something on the horizon. The significant dates are February 9th to February 18th.
Like all cards in the Thoth deck the 7 of Swords is a fascinating card, and one I suspect will be argued about forever.

Blessings All

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October 8, 2013 · 12:34 pm

Daily Triad.

The Lovers                     Air

5 of Disks. Worry.         Earth

10 of Swords. Ruin.       Air


Earth is weakened here. The two Air cards (air being an enemy of earth) overwhelm the 5 of Disks. So whatever it is you are worrying about, won’t happen. We can see the problem by bringing into play the flanking cards. The Lovers and the 10 of swords. Although these two cards are weakened a little, together they are fairly strong. We have to ask ourselves this; is the client being sucked into a relationship they don’t want? This can be a relationship of the heart or a financial pact with someone (both are illustrated on the 10) as well as The Lovers. The good news is, there is little or no emotion in this triad (a lack of cups, water) Also, there are no Fire cards to ignite the situation in a positive way. It seems to me, the thoughts behind the worry are nebulous and self-inflicted. Perhaps dear client, you are worrying about something that in real life isn’t there.


I do remember once reading for a lady in her 30s who asked me if she would ever get together with a particular man. Try as I might I could not find this man, or any sign she would ever be with him. My client was a bit reticent to talk. But in the end and out of shear frustration I asked her how many dates she had been on with this guy. “Oh, none Mike” she said. “I see him from the bus on my way to work he’s just walking along, and often wonder what could be?”

They never cease to amaze me.


Blessings All. 

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Good practice with triads.

If you are new to the tarot and are looking at triads this is a good way to set them out in your book of records. As you practice and learn more this will be done in your head instantly.

Triad Reading

What elements are present Air Water
What elements are missing Fire Earth
Is there an excess of either the elements, majors, courts or pip cards Major Court
Is there a complete absence of either majors, courts or pip cards. N/A N/A
How many if any are reversed. (I don’t read reverse cards) N/A N/A

Knight of Swords                       Air

5 of Cups (Disappointment)      Water

Adjustment                                Air

Air, Water, Air.  Water is fairly strong here as it is supported by the two Air cards.

This  is a highly charged emotional position that is not supported by Fire or Earth. It could mean there is no real passion for a long term solution to the problem.

The Knight is significant in this triad, and he is probably causing the sense of disappointment and loss. He is a secretive person whose ideas are often not founded on anything tangible. The adjustment card, balance, harmony, marriage and legal matters, supports the Knight more than the 5 of Cups. I can see much loss here before things begin to improve (Leaves at the top of the card)

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Two new poems on the subject of war.

One of these poems is about the Holocaust, and one about my early memories of the war.

The Holocaust is something I have been interested and saddened by, since I was 12yrs old. I remember buying a book from a junk shop; it cost me threepence then. I took it home and read it in bed. Stupidly I left it on my bedside cabinet, and the next day when I came home from school it had disappeared. Asking my mother where it had gone – as she was the only one at home all day – she said she didn’t know what I was talking about. Not satisfied with this and later that evening, I asked my parents about the Holocaust and why it had happened. My mother said, “the war is over and we don’t want to talk about it, and I don’t want to hear another word about the book you supposedly bought and wasted your money on”. If you don’t spend your pocket money on sensible things, you won’t get any”. My father sat sheepishly saying nothing.

As you can imagine I was far from happy, but knew better than to argue. So during an open question lesson at the grammar school I attended, I put the same question to my form master. His reply was. “If you can’t ask sensible questions boy, don’t ask any. The other boys laughed of course. So it was up to me to research this sad, terrible part of our world history. And I have done so for the past 60yrs.


Michael Arnold


Here is a pit, I am naked.

The summer sun warms me

And plays hide and seek

With leaves on distant trees.

I feel almost sublime.


There is a presence here.

No-not them, they obey orders

And the Fuhrer’s madness.


Was that a shot? I am falling,

I experience weight.

Should I feel light In death?

No I am heavy

among copious excreta and blood.


The smell is wretched

Now what?

 This next poem is about early memories of the blitz.

Memories WW11

Michael Arnold


We were hauled out of bed

Our feet hardly touching

The cold linoleum.

Sirens wailed, a fist thudded

The door, a voice cried out

Are you all alright Mrs

Yes aunty shouted back

We are going under the table.

Be quick then the voice retorted.


We were herded down the narrow

Stairs, my two cousins and me.

Jenny was snivelling, she was tired.

Mum and aunty pushed us

under the dining table.

They arranged blankets on top

And chairs, seats down to secure

The blankets.

Any other time it would be a cosy den

Now night imprisoned us.

We were cold and frightened.


Then aunty heard them. 

A deep throated humming,

like giant bees with sore throats.

They were close now. Mum held me,

Aunty began to sing, mum joined in

The noise came in waves sweeping

Over us like a tide. I could feel mum

trembling as she hugged me closer.

Now we were all singing at the top of our


‘Daisy Daisy’. ‘Pack up your troubles’.


The noise above was a cacophony

Of  clawing, reverberating sounds

The air thick with fear and unwashed



Then! The noise began to fade a little

And a little and a little bit more.

Auntie spoke to mum in the pitch black.

‘They missed us but someone will get it.

God help them’.

Silently we listened to the bombers

Fly away, until a calm silence enveloped

Our tiny cottage. Broken at last by the

Sirens sounding the all clear.






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Daily Triad…..Interesting.

7 of Swords     futility…air

Hanged Man                water

5 of Wands      strife…  fire


The central card of this triad The Hanged Man…Water, is weakened by the

7 of Swords…Air, and 5 of Wands…Fire forming a friendly bridge.

The element that is missing is Earth.


Something is going on in your mind that you can’t work out. Just hanging around doing nothing, or feeling sorry for yourself will not solve the problem.

You do have choices, as the 7 indicates, but you do need to get over the mix-up in your mind. A good firm foundation (Earth) and one clear thought would put you on the right road again.

The 7 of Swords came up yesterday. The interesting thing is that both spreads are about choices and moving on.

Blessings All.

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Another Street Poem

Sleeping In the City

 Michael Arnold


Red/blue zeroing in;



Enveloping me like

A shroud on a corpse.


The ceiling cracks,

Ice – eyes wink at me.

Am I awake?

I don’t know.


They’re coming again

Like millions of cilia

Disguised as

Globules of sweat.

On my head

On my face

Everywhere, everywhere.


It’s too late!

A blue – veined moon

Laughs its last laugh

Before turning

Watery, fading into

A stage – set background

Of cobalt.


Now I’m awake.

6.30 am

The monsters re – wind

Towards the sun.

I still have the red/blue,

An old blanket.

The soul savers must have

Visited in the night,

Covering me up,

Keeping me warm.


I must return the red/blue.

I must stop drinking.

I must stop sleeping rough.

I need a place.

A home.





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