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Good practice with triads.

If you are new to the tarot and are looking at triads this is a good way to set them out in your book of records. As you practice and learn more this will be done in your head instantly.

Triad Reading

What elements are present Air Water
What elements are missing Fire Earth
Is there an excess of either the elements, majors, courts or pip cards Major Court
Is there a complete absence of either majors, courts or pip cards. N/A N/A
How many if any are reversed. (I don’t read reverse cards) N/A N/A

Knight of Swords                       Air

5 of Cups (Disappointment)      Water

Adjustment                                Air

Air, Water, Air.  Water is fairly strong here as it is supported by the two Air cards.

This  is a highly charged emotional position that is not supported by Fire or Earth. It could mean there is no real passion for a long term solution to the problem.

The Knight is significant in this triad, and he is probably causing the sense of disappointment and loss. He is a secretive person whose ideas are often not founded on anything tangible. The adjustment card, balance, harmony, marriage and legal matters, supports the Knight more than the 5 of Cups. I can see much loss here before things begin to improve (Leaves at the top of the card)


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